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Major and Minor Car Service

The greatest method to conserve money and fuel is to periodically maintain and service your vehicle. After a specific mileage, minor and major services are often carried out; this is known as a service interval. Being aware of the difference between minor and major services as well as which parts of your car need to be replaced is crucial. Prestige Car Care handles both major and minor car services in Dubai. If you are looking for the best auto service centers, then we are ready to assist you.

What is a major car service?

Major car service consists of replacing the transmission and differential oils, that lubricate the ring and pinion gears which carry power from the driveshaft to the wheel axles. This is a significant maintenance task. It is combined with testing and refilling brake and clutch fluid, tappet clearance, etc. that must also be adjusted to ensure that the most crucial components of your engine continue to function at their best. A few of the other necessary extras include checking and replacing the lubricant in the wheel bearings.


Your vehicle needs to undergo a major service after two minor ones, or roughly every three years or 30,000 kilometers, depending on the vehicle, manufacturer requirements, and engine type. Some of the items that need to be replaced include timing belts, cabin and fuel filters, and spark plug replacement. You can find out exactly when you need these services from your manufacturer's logbook.

Major services include:
  • Brake & warning lights inspection

  • Lighting systems

  • Horn inspection

  • Wiper operation & blade condition

  • Clutch & brake pedal checked for squeaks

  • Radiator maintenance

  • Window washer fluid

  • Battery & terminals

  •  Power steering fluid (replaced every 80 000 km)

  • Brake fluid replacement

  • Auto transmission fluid replacement (where applicable)

  • Transfer case & differential fluids replaced (where applicable)

  • Wheel bearing grease check (replaced every 80 000 km)

  • Engine oil replacement

  • Oil filter replacement

  • Cooling systems levels & leaks check (fluid replaced every 80 000 km)

  • General Inspection & replacement of all filters

  • Accelerator pedal inspection for full throttle opening

  • Cam belt inspection

  • Tappet clearance reset

  • Check top dead centre (TDC) mark

  • Check pulley for play

  • Brakes & handbrake operation

  •  Universal joints inspection

  • Tie-rods, links & steering box inspection

  •  Grease nipples serviced (prop shaft, suspension etc.)

  • Inspect cable routing

  • Sump plug (tightened & wiped)

  • Inspect exhaust for leaks, routing & rattles

  • Gearbox oil levels checked & inspected for leaks

  • Inspect shocks for leaks & tighten – REPORT

  • Check diff oil level & for water contamination & leaks on side shafts

  • Lubricate all underbody moving points (Chassis points were applicable)

  • Wheel caps & nuts on

  • Check all tyre pressure (spare wheel included)

  • Torque wheel nuts

  • Check if spare wheel is tightened

  • Check new oil and water levels

  • Clean water trap

  •  Check air on

  • Old parts in vehicle

  • Oil & service decals in

  •  SAC decal on

  • Road test (rattles, wind noise, steering, straight, braking stability & noises)


What is a minor car service?

A minor servicing usually includes a thorough vehicle examination, diagnostic checks, engine oil and filter replacement, vehicle greasing, and tire rotation that is performed by a qualified technician. It is sometimes referred to as a basic or general service, and it can be a part of the logbook service.


A minor service is necessary every 10,000 kilometers or once a year, but the exact frequency will depend on your vehicle, the manufacturer's recommendations, the type of engine, and how you use it.

Our minor services include

  • Brake & warning lights

  • Front & rear brakes

  • Wiper blades operation & condition

  • Lighting system

  • Engine oil & leaks

  • Manual transmission oil leaks

  • Prop shaft joints

  • Differential oil leaks

  • Tyre condition check

  • Tyre pressure check

  • Washer bottles

  • Air filter

Why is automobile servicing so important?

It's crucial to maintain your car serviced with the manufacturer's handbook or logbook because regular maintenance can assist in identifying potential issues before they materialize. Critical vehicle components will undergo necessary inspections during servicing to ensure that they don't fail you when you need them most. Frequent major and minor car service and maintenance gives customers assurance that their car is safe to drive.


You think you will be saving if you skip your vehicle's annual maintenance in an effort to save a few bucks. This is just a false economy. In the long run, it will cost you a lot. Maintaining your car can help find problems before they become expensive and difficult to fix. Also, it will be useful at the gas station. A car's engine runs more smoothly and efficiently with new oil and air filters.


Being able to demonstrate a consistent, routine servicing history with a reputed service shop will significantly increase your vehicle's resale value when the time comes to sell it.


Simply said, keeping up with major and minor car services with proper maintenance will extend the life of your car. Also, a car that has a full-service history or proof of regular maintenance is more likely to sell for more money when you're ready to sell it.

Why choose us?

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  • Specialists in Skilled Auto Repair


We're dedicated to providing you with the best auto services in Dubai. We look for and select the best mechanics for auto repairs. We look for auto mechanics who have a lot of expertise in servicing the brands of vehicles we maintain. We only employ experts in their disciplines who have earned their Master Technician certification and are accredited by ASE. We are able to complete more work quickly and effectively because of our collective knowledge and expertise.

  • Modern facilities


We frequently get praise from customers about how clean and well-kept our company is. It is true. We've put a lot of effort into running our business efficiently because we value a spotless, well-kept vehicle repair shop.

  • Comfortable ambiance


Prestige Car Care is aware of the significance of your car in your everyday life. Thus, getting it maintained can cause you little inconvenience. To better meet your demands for auto repair and maintenance, we have consequently increased the range of services we provide like Free Wi-Fi, diner, relaxing lounge, etc.

  • Simple and straightforward charges


We don't charge any hidden fees. All our charges are for the service which we provide.


  • Committed to excellence


We handle service for all making and models of cars using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Our mechanical and electrical systems provide us the ability to immediately identify any issues and recommend the most economical remedy.

For the best major and minor services in Dubai, please get in touch with us. If you have any questions, call us at 056-224-4402.

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