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About Us


Who we are?

Prestige Auto Care is one of the top auto repair services that was founded in 2002. We are an independent auto repair service provider for all types of vehicle brands and models.


​We believe in giving our customers knowledgeable and honest responses apart from the greatest automotive service at the best price. We urge our clients to execute timely and regular maintenance as well as preventative maintenance as required to reduce costs, ensure seamless driving, and extend their vehicle life.

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Our Business

Our primary goal is to give our clients the personalized attention and care they need to maintain the optimum performance of their premium brands.


Apart from maintaining the most affordable prices on the market and offering a more affordable option to authorized dealers, our specialized service is unmatched in the industry.


To develop and manage comprehensive and long-term service at a global scale at Prestige Car Care implementing cutting-edge technology, as well as top-notch services and standards, to keep you as our beloved customer for years to come.


From the first point of contact, Prestige Car Care aims to offer complete and visually appealing repair and maintenance solutions. Our team of specialists will quickly resolve your issue and make it as hassle-free as possible for you.

Introduction of car services offered

Here are some of the car services we offer:

Car pre purchase inspection Dubai

A car is a significant purchase that can be difficult to make. At Prestige Car Care, we provide you with the pre-purchase inspection you require to make an informed decision and haggle for a reasonable price. We provide you with thorough inspection reports, images, and videos to assist you in making a decision about your future car purchase.


We will inspect the car of your choice and determine its overall condition as an independent third party.


Buying a car, whether brand new or second-hand, can involve a wide range of decisions. A new car comes with an eye-popping warranty service contract. However, nowadays, buying a used or resale car is frequently misunderstood. Simply undergo a quality pre-purchase inspection on the car to avoid being caught off guard by any unexpected costs. We at Prestige Car Care is one of the best car pre-purchase inspection experts in Dubai.


If an automobile is being purchased out of town or without a warranty, we strongly advise doing a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI). If there is no guarantee, the subsequent risk of any failure or significant mechanical problems falls upon the buyer. A pre-purchase inspection report for a car removes all uncertainty and enables you to purchase the vehicles stress-free.

What is included in a car pre-purchase inspection service by prestige car care? 
  • Place an order for your car inspection by calling us.

  • Our knowledgeable inspector will get in touch with the seller to confirm the car's availability and arrange a time to evaluate your car. The inspector will proceed right to the car to conduct the inspection.

  • The inspector will send the report to us, and following a lengthy process of error checking and review, you'll be notified when you may login and view the report. As soon as the report is ready for login and viewing, you'll receive a notification.

Brake and car repair services

We all trust the brakes on our vehicles. Some of the signs of a poor braking system include grinding noise, a pulsing feeling when you press on the brakes, difficulty in pushing the pedal, and dust-covered wheels. We are the top brake repair solutions all around Dubai. We can easily identify and efficiently provide a wide range of brake issues.


Modern cars have quite sophisticated electrical systems, ranging from the starter and alternator to the battery and lighting. It keeps an eye on electrical circuits to make sure that each part is working within its prescribed parameters. The system may record any errors or deviations outside of the normal operating range and turn on a warning light. This light will display to indicate when something isn't working properly. If that occurs to you, you should seek out a specialist right away because electrical services are very specialized and should only be handled by experts.

Radiator Repair and Services

Some engine components produce friction while you are driving your car, and it is this friction that produces heat. Keeping up with your car's cooling system maintenance can be fairly difficult. But we can keep your car in good working order since our staff of trained mechanics is pleasant, dependable, and competent. They specialize in a variety of auto repair services, including radiator repair and radiator cleanse.


Your car's cooling system is what prevents it from melting down. The cooling system works together to accomplish one crucial task: circulating coolant throughout your engine so that it can absorb and release heat. The main motive of the cooling system is to lower engine temperature so that all other components can function correctly.


Call our qualified specialists to help you keep your car running for a long time.


Other services include:

  • Fuel injection

  • Oil change

  • Lights

  • Transmission Repair

  • Tire pressure monitoring system, and much more.


We offer full servicing mechanical and body repairs for vehicles. We specialise in
mechanical and body repairs, computer diagnostics and quality maintenance services
such as painting, etc..

Professional & reliable team of experts

State of the art diagnostic equipment

Personalised service with service record

customer service

We offer and excel at many
servicing types. We ensure our
technicians are kept up to date with
all modern vehicle repair methods.

Why choose us?

Car Specialists

 We promise to provide you with the best car services in Dubai. In light of this, we only work with a passionate team who can assist you in repairing any car problems and guarantee proper operation. We seek out automotive professionals with several years of significant expertise and Master Technician certification. We are among the best vehicle services in Dubai because of the optimal quality that our combination of expertise and skill delivers.

The best facilities

We have state-of-the-art technology and tools at our facilities, along with a clean workshop. Ask any of the people who have visited us to attest to how clean and welcoming it is. We have worked very hard to run our company efficiently and provide the best customer experience.

Comfortable setting

We are aware of the significance of your car in your everyday life. It can occasionally be taxing to wait in line. Hence, we take care to keep you content, warm, and comfortable. We offer a variety of amenities to meet your needs for auto repair and maintenance, including free Wi-Fi, a calm lounge, etc.

No hidden costs

We don't bill you for any extraneous costs or collect unreasonable fees from you. Anything we provide is paid for by you.

Committed to excellence

We service all car makes and models using cutting-edge diagnostic equipment. Our mechanical and electrical systems enable us to rapidly identify any issues and recommend the most economical remedy.

We are always available at your service. Feel free to call us at 056-224-4402.

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