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Car AC Repair Dubai

Imagine driving without AC in a scorching summer. Your car's air conditioning system can keep you and the other passengers cool and comfortable the entire way. The expert professionals at our repair facility can evaluate interior climate control concerns and are extremely skilled in A/C recharge and evacuation.

The condenser, evaporator, and compressor are the three main components of your car's air conditioner, and their primary job is to cool the air entering the passenger compartment.

What is included in a car ac repair service by prestige car care?

The first thing our professionals will do when you arrive at our vehicle repair business is to go over the signs of a broken A/C system with you. The air conditioning compressor drive belt, serpentine belt, and all other components that are accessible will then be visually inspected for damage, leaks, or cracks. The air conditioning compressor's operation will then be examined. If no damage or leaks are discovered, the refrigerant will be evacuated from the system, vacuum tested, and then recharged with an appropriate refrigerant in line with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Early detection of A/C system damage or leaks can save you money and time while keeping you and everyone in your car comfortable and worry-free. To make an appointment with one of our technicians, give us a call right now or stop by our auto repair shop.


Are you looking for dependable Car AC Repair Dubai? You've come to the perfect location! Call one of our skilled mechanics to repair the heating and air conditioning system in your car right now.


Your busy life can come to a halt due to a malfunctioning air conditioning system in your car. Call Prestige Car Care in Dubai, right away! We can take care of your heating and air conditioning needs, whether you want to replace the old system or have it repaired.


When you choose to work with us, you can relax knowing that you're getting trustworthy and reasonably priced auto services. Bring your car to our shop, and we'll make sure it's always cozy and at the ideal temperature for you.


Car AC Maintenance

Your car's air conditioner is made up of various parts. And eventually, the entire system will malfunction if any of them don't work at their peak capacity. Here are some of the intermittent AC component checks that should be performed to avoid more costly repairs:

  • Check for any blockage in air filters or AC condenser that can restrict proper airflow

  • Remove any moisture caused due to any spills in the carpet or upholstery. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove them ASAP.

  • Clean your AC’s air filter regularly and get rid of any dirt or debris that can obstruct airflow.

  • Clean your engine’s radiator. Though it is not directly a part of your car’s AC system, it can definitely impact the cooling efficiency.

  • Check the drive belt of your car’s AC compressor. The drive belt may not work properly if not properly lubricated which can impact the cooling in your car.


Simple hacks for optimal function of your car

Apart from the above-mentioned routine, small changes to your regular driving style can help improve the cooling effectiveness of your AC. Here are some driving pointers to increase your air conditioner's cooling effectiveness:

  • Park away from the sun and in a shaded area.

  • Before turning on the air conditioning, roll down all the windows and let the hot air that has built up within your car escape.

  • Before adjusting the fan speed, turn on the AC at the lowest setting.

  • For quicker cooling, increase the use of recirculation mode.

  • Before turning off the engine, switch off the air conditioner.


Get in Touch

  • Car Repair Experts


We pledge to give you the best automobile services in Dubai. Keeping that in mind, we only hire a passionate crew who can help you fix any automobile issues and ensure smooth functioning. We recruit car experts who have years of extensive experience and Master Technician certification. The combination of experience and knowledge delivers optimal quality which is what makes us one of the best car services in Dubai.

  • Innovative facilities


Our facilities contain state-of-the-art equipment and tools that are combined with a hygienic workshop. Ask our customers who will vouch that our ambiance is sanitary and relaxed. We've put a lot of effort into running our business effectively.

  • Cozy atmosphere


We know the importance of your car in your daily life. Sitting in the waiting room can be exhausting at times. Hence, we make sure that you are happy, cozy, and comfortable. We provide a range of amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, a tranquil lounge, etc., that satisfies your needs for auto repair and maintenance.

  • No hidden fees


We neither charge exorbitant fees from you nor bill you any hidden charges. You pay for what we serve.

  • Dedicated to perfection


With innovative diagnostic tools, we handle service for all car makes and models. We can quickly detect any problems and suggest the most cost-effective solution thanks to our mechanical and electrical systems.


We are always available at your service. Feel free to call us at 056-224-4402.

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