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Car Oil Change in Dubai


Maintaining your car in the finest possible condition requires routine oil changes. The moving parts of your car will stay cool and well-lubricated if you use high-quality oil. The buildup of soiled and tainted oil over time can result in rust and lower engine life. To keep everything operating smoothly, we at Prestige Car Care can assist you in making the correct oil selections, checking your oil levels, changing your filters, and flushing your engine.

Even though modern cars contain a variety of oils and fluids, when most people talk about an oil change, they mostly mean an engine oil change. Engine oil is essential to a car's capacity to function because it is made to lubricate and cool rapidly moving engine parts including pistons, bearings, valves, and cylinder walls.

The whole engine would be damaged in a short amount of time if an automobile ever develops a significant oil leak while being driven and all the oil is lost. Engine oil needs to be changed on a regular basis to maintain a car operating at its best, much like most other fluids. Because it becomes unclean and begins to chemically degrade with time and heat exposure, engine oil loses its ability to lubricate.


Oil and vehicle manufacturers have different recommendations for how frequently to change the oil and filters, but it's generally recommended to do it every six months or every 5,000 to 7,000 miles of driving (whichever comes first). By optimizing oil life and decreasing engine damage from filthy oil, this frequency achieves a good balance.

What is included in a car oil change service by prestige car care?

Oil plays a huge role in keeping the engine working and cool. The oil will eventually become dirty and cease to function properly. Regular oil changes are essential because this could lead to your engine overheating and breaking down, costing you money in repairs.


If you are looking for a car oil change Dubai, then Prestige Car Care is right here to serve you. Ask for a full-service oil change if it’s been a while since you changed your car oil.

Things included in full-service oil change:


Your car will have a full oil change in addition to a courtesy inspection by the technician that includes the following:

  • Add-on fluids (like washer fluid, transmission, for power steering, and engine coolant).

  • Checking the level of the brake fluid.

  • Checking the Tire pressure

  • See whether there are any leaks.

  • Examine each belt, hose, skid plate, and chassis component.

  • Examine the suspension and steering.

  • If needed, lubricate the chassis.

  • Examine your wiper blades.

  • Check the car's battery.

  • Look for any visible car damage.

You can get a full-service oil change performed on your car at our automobile servicing facility. We are a group of highly skilled and qualified technicians who have performed oil changes for many kinds of cars over the years. We can therefore provide your car with the correct maintenance it requires.


If any car component needs to be replaced, our crew will only use premium oil and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts. These are the same components that were initially used to construct automobiles. The component will therefore precisely fit into your car. Also, it'll keep it running smoothly for many years and distances.


Schedule a complete car oil change Dubai with us. Call us at 056-224-4402.

Why choose us?

Car Experts

We are the top car service in Dubai. We provide you with the best services and top-quality components for your cars. This is because we work with a dedicated team who can help you with any car issues. We are one of the best car oil change experts in Dubai and are known for our impeccable quality and services.

Excellent facilities

Our office is innovative and well-maintained. We are known for our clean and perfect office and workshop. Our spotless office and state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal combined with high-quality service is what makes us one of the top automobile service providers in Dubai. You can depend on us for any car queries or issues. We strive hard to keep our company efficient and deliver the best customer service.

Outstanding ambiance

We are aware of how crucial your car is to your everyday routine. On occasion, standing in line can be exhausting. We, therefore, strive to maintain your happiness, warmth, and comfort. We offer a variety of services, like free Wi-Fi, a quiet lounge, etc. to meet your requirements for auto repair and maintenance.

No hidden costs

We won't bill you for any unwanted costs or make you make irrational payments. You simply have to pay for the services we offer.

Optimum services

We service all car makes and models using cutting-edge diagnostic equipment. Our mechanical and electrical systems allow us to rapidly identify any issues and recommend the most budget-friendly solutions.


Want to know more? Feel free to call us at 056-224-4402.

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