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Like the heart is to the human, a battery keeps an automobile running. When a vehicle is at rest or in action, a highly efficient car battery is in charge of preserving energy and powering the ignition, fuel delivery system, engine, and all of the electrical components.


Hence, it is important to undertake routine battery maintenance to prevent requiring emergency auto battery service. Failure of the battery might endanger your vehicle and put you in a difficult scenario when driving. In that situation, it is best to have an emergency auto battery replacement or service as soon as possible. If you are looking for car battery services Dubai, then we are there for you.

Car battery services Dubai


What is included in a car battery service by prestige car care?

Installing a new car battery is a complicated process that calls for extra safety precautions. While being readily available, self-installation or DIY kits for battery replacement are frequently dangerous since replacing a car battery is a delicate task that requires skilled and experienced hands. You run the risk of harming your vehicle, new battery or jeopardizing your safety if you make even one error during the installation. Consequently, whenever you need a new car battery fitted, go to a specialist who specializes in battery replacement. We are the top experts when it comes to car battery services Dubai.


Our experts at Prestige Car Care use top-notch battery replacement equipment and take the utmost care when working on your automobile. When providing our services, we adhere to the strictest safety regulations and only select the finest caliber batteries for your car. You can ask for a battery replacement service at your home or arrange to visit one of our service centers. We pledge to make the process simple and fast for you. Contact us right away if you need car battery service in Dubai.


Do’s and Don’ts while handling car battery

Here are some tips to improve battery life.

  • Every time you service your car, make sure the battery and its case are absolutely clean.

  • Make that all battery cables are connected to the right connections.

  • Always detach the negative cable first and reconnect it last when fiddling with or removing the battery cables for service, maintenance, or repair.

  • Exercise proper caution and safety when the battery is being charged.

  • Always dispose of a dead or damaged battery with the utmost discretion and care while abiding by local laws and regulations for proper disposal.

  • Before handling the battery, put on protective gear and clothing to prevent injury or physical harm brought on by an unplanned accident or chemical leak.

  • Keep a close check on the health and condition of your battery.

  • Make sure the battery is periodically examined and professionally serviced.



Here are some things you must avoid that can ruin your car’s battery life.

  • Don’t carelessly handle the battery. Use any safety gear or clothing, and avoid handling it while wearing jewelry.

  • Don’t replace your battery at a random place from the market without looking into the exact battery required.

  • Do not disconnect or tamper with the battery when the car is in motion.

  • Do not attempt to jump-start the battery without knowing the proper procedure beforehand.

  • Do not wait until the battery is entirely depleted.

  • Do not forget to turn off the car's lights and other electronics before locking your car.

Why Choose Us

  • Experienced Car Repair Specialists

We're committed to giving you the best vehicle services in Dubai. We only search for the best and choose only the right experts. We seek out car mechanics with extensive experience working on the makes of vehicles we look after. We only work with professionals who have obtained their Master Technician qualification and are recognized by ASE as specialists in their fields. Because of our combined knowledge and experience, we can finish more work more efficiently.

  • Up-to-date facilities


Customers complement our business on how hygienic, cozy, and comfortable our ambiance is. We value a spotless, well-kept auto repair shop; therefore, we've put a lot of effort into running our business effectively.

  • Cozy atmosphere


Prestige Car Care is conscious of the importance of your car in your daily life. Hence, getting it maintained may only be a minor bother for you. Our range of amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, a quiet lounge, etc., has correspondingly risen to better satisfy your needs for auto repair and maintenance.

  • No hidden fees


There are no hidden charges when it comes to Prestige Car Care. All of our fees are related to the services we offer.

  • Dedicated to perfection


With cutting-edge diagnostic tools, we handle service for all car makes and models. We can quickly detect any problems and suggest the most cost-effective solution thanks to our mechanical and electrical systems.


Want to know more? Feel free to call us at 056-224-4402.

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